Testing out the popular trend



And now we wait…


I like that they look like they’re in formation; good luck getting rich :wink:


wait, they’re not in a protected zone?


He’s trying to make several packs and let random people do the leg work on delivering, he will still get 20% for being the original manufacturer.

But now I’m gonna start looking for this sort of thing and just breaking them down for materials :stuck_out_tongue:


Did it work?


Apparently you can’t break down other peoples packs?

No mail yet.


Unless you already have the mats, dewstone liquor is expensive to manufacture.

I did okay doing that with the solzreed beef. I ended up with a decent amount of cash, rock salt and a little gilda with very little effort.


They all got turned in, unfortunately, no one went over seas. Didn’t really make too much cash =[