Testing something



I’m sure your going to delete this thread if it’s a test, but out of curiosity, is that your book on Automata Theory

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mmmm Mexico cokes…


That “SODA” is clearly not a Coke…

That threw me the first time I visited Texas. If someone says I would like a coke please, the next sentence should not be what kind. I just fucking said coke, if I wanted a pepsi I would say pepsi. That is why they have different names.

Also if I order a coffee I don’t need a list of all the different frappe latte machi whatever the fucks. Just pour some brown liquid in a cup and shut the fuck up.

(No I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning)


Do you ask for a Q-tip or a cotton swab?
Do you ask for a Kleenex or a tissue?

Same concept, IMO :wink:


I don’t ask for either of those because I’m a man and don’t need that shit.


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Test completed. :smile: