Texas power company suggestions


Wife and I are moving to Texas. We are looking for more information on the power companies that we should look into. Possibly the ones that we should look out for as well.

We have a really limited time, I would love all the help that I can get. Thanks a ton.

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Lauren and I are in Austin and as far as I know everyone is on Austin Energy

They’re really easy to deal with and no outages or anything like that yet. This is my first experience dealing with a power company myself though.


shopped around and got the best price in the least likely of places, TXU. We’ve been with them on and off like 8 years though so that might have something to do with it.


I’m confused; there are multiple energy providers in your area?


That’s partly what I’m asking , when we were looking at companies that hook up power we had 6 options. But the site was somewhat Shifty so I’m not sure if it was right.


So you’re looking for an electrician?

I thought you meant there were multiple utility companies who provide power in that area. Wasn’t sure how that worked.


There are, actually; Texas has laws (circa 2002, I believe) that basically allow everyone to pick their power provider individually based on their wants/needs rather than doing it as a block, neighborhood, etc. It’s neat, but a bit of a hassle (especially at first) :wink:


Where in Texas?


Yeah, here in FL you’re stuck with whoever services your area.


I’m still unsure of how this works. Do the utility companies share service lines?

It’s one thing for multiple cable companies to service an area and provide their own lines. But it seems very expensive if there were competing electric or water/sewer companies.


In my area, the infrastructure is shared. You just purchase the energy from different sellers. My guess is the energy companies have to pay a vig to the infrastructure owner which is usually the local utility company that formerly had a monopoly on the area. What I don’t understand is how they could compete on price if there is the additional fee of basically renting the infrastructure. I haven’t looked into it that closely but my brother in law swears by shopping around and constantly changing energy companies.


This blows my feeble mind.

In Alabama you either buy from TVA (whatever local municipality or co-op you live) in the north or Alabama Power in the central and south. Shopping for power doesn’t compute.


Same thing for CA, based on the location you are on a different provider, for us in SoCal it was SoCalEdison.

Our location in Texas right now has something like 6 providers.


A lot of my friends follow this credo as well; they hunt the best deal at the time they’re looking to renew every time they renew.


yeeaaaa way too lazy for that