Thanks @Vocino!

Thank You!

My package just got here from the share-a-thon contest. I was able to share two posts that got over two thousand views. You would be surprised how easy it was and how little time it takes to share. Lets see what I got!


Oh Dear Lord Yes

Khaleesi is not happy with the selfie

Thanks Again Strats and Vocino!


Awesome job and glad to see the headset get delivered so quickly.

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You earned it for all the hard work you did! But you should read the directions because you didn’t turn them on in the pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, Khaleesi is sad because I’m sure you talked her ears off about how happy you were to win something, even better than the day you won a goldfish at the carnival.

All joking aside, be sure to download the app off the PSN network. There’s a special audio setting you can put on switch 2 made just for Destiny.


I can’t wait to hear how clear your throat-clearing is now :wink:


I have a mute button, but it’s constant. So…

You’re welcome and thanks for the hard work spreading the word! My name is in the title but honestly it’s from Strats as a whole. Everyone benefits when people work to bring more members in. It gives everyone more like-minded people to enjoy gaming with and helps build a community of our peers. So really, these things are a gift from all of us to those that work hard on driving that growth.

Thanks again!


Btw next time you make a sign use a black marker, that could say Thanks @Vocino or suck it bitches for all we know :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah good point…

And congrats man you deserved it looking forward to hear all your throat clearing and family talking to your dog nice and clear.

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I personally can’t wait to hear dyn’s screams of joy so much more clear now when he gets something from a raid chest! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh hey it made it! :open_mouth: :thumbsup: