That's Billion with a B



woooooooooow. CHEAP only 1 bil!!! Awesome move cant wait to see what they will do with it.


I’m pretty sure youtube seen my webpage and knew they had to act fast… :smile:


I’m 10 kinds of not excited. The way they continue to find ways to make youtube more annoying does not bode well for a fully-functional, well done website. Are they going to remove the stream support options? Are they going to let big-name streamers continue to advertise the way they have been? Recently-ish youtube made it harder to monetize with changes to how ads pay out. I think this is going to be a good thing for a couple years tops before they start applying that special brand of messing things up they’ve shown us over the years.

That said, I would take the money and run were it me, so I don’t blame twitch in the least if they go through with the deal.