That's one way to win



So glad I wasn’t part of this beat-down:


He is camping and his aim is terrible…


…but members of his team go as high as a 15.5 k/d. The guy recording is a bit of a scrub, but the team accomplishment is remarkable nonetheless.


i can see the score and hear his team fighting but i hate campers!


Caboose knows:


I have seen some posts about this on Reddit. It blows my mind that can win OBJ with pure kills. I don’t know how I feel about it.


I’m hoping that matchmaking will be such that after the first couple weeks things like this won’t happen. I like that it’s not entirely tied to the objectives and, to be fair, this is a pretty extreme example of how ridiculously-unbalanced things could be in the beta. Fastforward and check out the score board, the K/D difference between the teams was amazing.


I’m sure they’ll balance this out, but granted part of the objective is “Kill enemy players”. I think they need something like tickets with conquest mode in the BF series. If you hold more capture points you get X number of points added to your team ‘pool’.

All that aside, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game again.


Bungie seems to be taking into account the criticism received from the beta, Auto rifles got a nerf as did the interceptor, hand cannons received a buff, warlocks have been tweaked and those are just some that we know of as of right now. I have faith that Bungie is able to make a healthy balanced game given enough information and time.


Bungie has always been a very solid developer. I have a fair amount of faith in them.


This pains me. As someone who values solid objective play foremost in these modes this hurts inside. This just gives supporting evidence to that one guy on your team who feels that he’s too good to defend. Capping flags and defending nodes should always count more in an Objective-based mode in my opinion.


Honestly, I think it really does. Look at how rough the scoreboard was at the end. Blowout doesn’t do that match justice. I think the other team was just that bad comparatively (it was a full clan team versus, I assume, 5 randoms). The best guy on the enemy team had a K/D of .89 while the worst guy on the winning team had a 1.75. The losing team had a collective kill count of 37, which is only 5 more kills than the top dog on the winning team had (in total, they had 155 kills). When the numbers are that skewed, things like this can happen.

Even still, the losing team, almost entirely off having points captured, got nearly 50% of the way to victory. This tells me that things are probably in a very good place overall. This is a single example, a fluke at most. I don’t see this being a trend on capture maps and it damn sure wasn’t during any of the games I played in. Had the losing team gotten twice as many kills (which would still be less than half the amount the winners got), I suspect the numbers would have been a lot closer.

Edit: I forgot to mention the other thing that made this possible. Because the winning team never capped or neutralized any objectives, the enemy team couldn’t get points that way by neutralizing or capturing. Really just a perfect storm executed by a badass team of guildies on an unsuspecting, not-very-skilled PUG.


I like how they implemented the no party playlists in the TLOU to offer a pvp experience where this doesn’t really happen.


hmmmm he seems to be camping and his other team mates are very skilled.
i dont play a lot of pvp and would be really frustrated if i had been putting all my effort into capturing zones only to feel like i achieved very little compared to some guy hiding in a corner blasting anyone who walks by.
But saying that, the reason i joined you guys is to have fun and hopefully learn something :slight_smile: