The Adventures of Butt-scratcher



For those who don’t know, Butt-scratcher is my psycho and I’ve made a commitment to stream every second of gameplay on him. I’m starting this thread up to keep track of the “highlights” of his adventures :wink:

The Return of Butt-scratcher (BL2; PS4)

What did I do?


Watch the clip; I think you know :wink:


Too bad I wasn’t recording that, having my view would’ve been nice.


@spredhed, @Biggles7268: spider-bro is uploaded :wink:


spider bro, spider bro, sitting in place like a spider bro does


First solo raid boss kill Friday morning and other new highlights added :wink:


Aw man, I can’t wait to get in on the Borderlands action! I’m just dinking around as a wee Mechromancer right now - I’ve also never gotten this far in Borderlands 2 before though - and I had forgotten how funny the series can be!