The Alleged Joys of PUGing



Trigger Warning: Toxic


Sounds about right.


Got asked by @AccountWS to help out with a vet run of siege that’d lost the healer and tank. I jump in, we finish it, gold it, and the epic medic healing chest drops. Not one but TWO stalkers in the group roll need on it because they “thought it was a tanking chest,” even though it was Insight/Moxie/Grit. Suffice it to say I didn’t get it.

yay pugs :confused:


That sucks man. Let’s hope it drops the next time and you get it.


Once again sounds about right. I just wish i could finish a seige run and get silver much less gold.


I was in a siege run and the RNG gods were kicking out asses. We got a Tank and a Bunker buster at the same time. There were 4 Strats and 1 pug. Throughout all that chaos we manage to keep the generator at 91% the pugger (healer) says nothing, just leaves…

Then we get RNG’ed again and finish the run with a big penny for a medal…


Yikari I believe after the 91% we ended up losing the generator to something later and thats why we got bronze. But yes that healer was awesome wasn’t he…


Just bring in the doppleganger himself. Klutch man Dan to go hammer slammer on your vet adventures. I will out dps the healer every time.


Hey Knights, yeah that healer was hella good. The something later was a double tank spawn :frowning:

I almost forgot how comfy feeling it is to get bent over by the RNG gods!



The feeling of the RNG god…


Is incredibly jelly that you guys managed to get a gold. I’ve run a few dungeons, but ?I’ve never had any pugs go that well.