The ARK server upgrade discussion thread



Continuing the discussion from Weekly Promotion Megathread (16 October):

No one has taken the initiative to start this thread so I’ll step up (even though I haven’t played ARK in weeks). Let’s get some discussion going.

Am I correct that @Parcho is the actual owner of the ARK server and the one paying the bills? What is the current capacity and is that based on players currently logged in, total accounts, etc? Because when I was playing a month ago there would usually be at most 2 players online with me. Maybe the game has gained a lot of popularity since then.

I would consider contributing some monthly cash if people are committed to playing and having fun. I would likely log on a couple times a month just to run around and get some levels on my character.


at the moment a “'busy”" period would be 5 of us online with a max capacity of 30. My thoughts is that most of the lag was due to a huge grouping of player dinos, this has been remedied by 4 of us relocating our main bases away from each other.
We talked about this the other day in Mumble also, we concluded that the current lag is due to things like the swamp biome with its huge groupings of snakes frogs bugs and of course dinos, and of course the game still needing major optimization


Just to elaborate on why I advertised the ARK server: I understand that @Parcho has the final say on it since he’s paying for it. It seems like good practice to put things out there and see what comes back though. It’s been posted on the forum publicly and it makes sense to expand the reach of the thread.

As @tommy2118 added, we can also learn if there would be wider interest and decide if we want to invest in it as a community (servers or other stuff).

In order to have a small group of dedicated ARK players who fit well with how we play and get along, you have to cast a very wide net. This goes for any game. From any awareness that gets raised outside the community, a certain percentage will sign up, a smaller percentage will be active, a smaller percentage will stick around, etc.

So yeah, that’s my philosophy. :strats_blue:


For note, I see similar numbers on Minecraft in terms of what the server is alleged to be able to support versus what it’s actually going to be able to support (our Minecraft server says it can handle 64, but unless I make even more changes from the default, we’d be lucky to handle 35-40; original, default settings would have been pressed to make 15 concurrent players).

It’s worth mentioning that I’m all for finding new players that play the way we’re trying to play, it’s just very hard to determine the character of an individual based solely on an Introduction (and the way we currently have everything setup it’d be very easy for someone to ruin everyone’s experience). I’m coming from having had some troubles with our Minecraft server; the way ARK is it would be just this side of impossible to fix troll divots compared to Minecraft, so we need to take that into consideration with the way everything is setup right now (especially since we don’t have near the in-game moderating functionality because the game is under development). If we’re going to begin actively recruiting (again, I’m totally fine with this) I think we need to seriously discuss and adjust the tribe settings to minimize the impact a bad apple could have.


I’ll just leave it to the ARK people to recruit or not recruit then. We need to be recruiting for more stuff though if we want to have that pool of players at the very end of the funnel. If I’m not going to be doing it for other people’s game initiatives, someone has to do it for some games.


Is the map even big enough to accommodate very many players? There is a lot of open space, but only so many good spots for building on. I spent an hour trying to find a spot to make my base and every location that looked good already had something built on it.

If there are enough people interested in pvp it might be worthwhile to have a seperate server so they can have fun without bothering those of us who aren’t interested in it. We could expand the guild that way without adding much strain to the server.


Doesn’t help when people went around a colonized all the landmark building spots with 4x4 foundations. @Mohomohommadand myself could not find a mountain to settle on.


We told you only TWO, yes TWO spots had small platforms each with forges, your welcome to move to any of the spots. Just dont pull down any of our community propety please


I know very little about the game but I wonder if this exposing a problem. When you go to the ARK website it’s described as a PvP survival shooter. I don’t think the game was designed for each individual player to own and construct a massive “base” on the map. There should be battles over territory control, not peaceful co-existence.

The map possibly isn’t large enough to accommodate 30 players each having their own piece of land in the prime locations.


I myself quickly go bored of our server because all we are expected to do is build a cool base and then do nothing. I would LOVE if the server rules were expanded to allow factions to fight and pillage.

IF we went that direction we could balance it by saying that aggression can only occur at predefined times (ie: Saturday @7pm - 12pm).

Edit: I do not really care either way, as I don’t know if I’ll have much time for Ark with all the new games releasing for the next few months. :slight_smile:


I actually had no idea we aren’t pvping. I can’t read.

But yeah, that is the whole point of ARK.


@Mohomohommad and I got a stern talking to when we jokingly conspired to make a new clan. :slight_smile:


Until there is a larger player base on the current server, I think having half the map PVP would encourage non-pvpers to try it out and not discourage PVPer’s from getting on because it’s not what they’d consider the “fun” time of day. I honestly don’t mind either way, but I will say it gets kind of old if you’re not worried about getting killed in a survival game…


i have to disagree here :wink: True the game is advertised as PVP Survival but there are also a lot of official pve servers so that’s also a from the developer supported playsytle.

it seems you have that argument with every recent mmo sandbox or pvp survival game like archage, albion, h1z1, ark…etc. a hugh part of all of these games is pvp but you can play them and have fun without pvping much. (at least i can and always met people like me)

Ark is also better suited for pve players then eg. h1z1 because the “e” really poses a threat! even in lvl 40 i lost all my gear and dinos to an alpha raptor and his friends. I’m sure there is a point where this changes but right know it is still not only building a base but survive the island.

So ofc i like that the strats server is pve and i hope it stays that way. But if there is a majority here who like to add pvp, my trikes and me will defend my little beach base to the last man or dino :smile:


Yes most of the “'cleared landmarks” have structures on them, but we are pve no one is saying you cant build right next to us. My main base near the swamp I have fenced off a very large area but that was because I expected ppl to build houses there with me. I also created that “breeding area” of ours also with the expectation ppl would also build houses there, this area is really HUGE and could easily accommodate another 6 ppl.
People seem to be overlooking the fact that most of the island is forested with trees, these trees can very easily be chopped down and made into foundations walls etc and once a foundation is placed these trees wont grow back. I will happily help anyone find and build a house, I can think of a few great places currently vacant

If you guys wanna pvp then lets have a serious discussion about it, maybe we can do what @Sanouae 's server does and have the west side of the island designated PvP and the east PvE. We could maybe hold pvp events. Also we are yet to start spelunking for the artifacts needed to summon the world boss.


I think, if we’re going to do PVP on a grand scale, I’d prefer it be restricted to an area of the map. The idea of a specific time for the whole maps means you have to be on during that time, which isn’t feasible for everyone because of time zones and IRL commitments.

I personally still favor PVE-only map-wide with structured PVP events (which we’ve talked about, but nobody has actually created). I don’t have the time to rebuild what I’ve already made, and I’d probably just move on to another title if all my work and efforts were trashed because we had a PVP time slot I couldn’t attend and 100 hours of progress was lost as a result.

I didn’t get into the game for the PVP/survival/hardcore aspects but because it was a game @PreshusKitty and I both had interest in and enjoy playing together. If I’m being honest, remove that or press reset on what we’ve established and that’s probably it for us.

There are plenty of servers out there you can go pillage and plunder; I enjoy what we’ve got because I don’t have to sweat that :wink:


I would also be moving on if this happens. Sorry for bluntness but my opinion is if you want to PvP then go do it on another server


Having to worry about my things while I’m away is not fun for me, getting ganked isnt fun either. Goofing around with tranq darts however can be funny.


This is pretty much me sentiments exactly.

and this

and this.

I think this is why we all get along so well in game :wink:


Poor @Biggles7268 used to be an adventurer and dino tamer like us… :wink: