The Basement - A place for putting things



The idea was floated in Discord a couple times but I’ve named it the Basement—riffing off the Lounge.

Unlisted category that won’t show up in Latest or be shared. A place to goof around, test posts, meme fight, or whatever else you can think of (within the broad rules of don’t be a complete asshole).

AKA @xploz1on’s lair.


Can we have another epic .gif thread?


That would be the place for it, yeah. The main question is, does #off-topic meet that need?



Time to celebrate!


My only concern I think is moderation. Parts of Discord (specifically #nsfw) can get a bit rowdy, but within a day or so it’s so far up the history that it’s a nonissue; this would be around forever, and I worry about the impact that might have.

Also, there will inevitably be people who want nothing to do with what goes on in The Basement (similar to how some people just mute and avoid #nsfw on Discord); is there a way we can set it up so it doesn’t show up on folks’ feed at all (under Unread or otherwise; effectively an “opt out” option) if that’s their preference?


Yes, you can mute categories:

It would already not be appearing in Latest though.



I dig that, but I know from previous discussions with folks that some use Unread instead of Latest, which was why I was asking. I think the announcement post for The Basement (should it get approved) should include that information about muting the category for the sake of those that don’t know that functionality exists.

Simultaneous motion to rename #nsfw to #the-basement on Discord and send the threads there via the bot (though not out to social media); this should also clear up some of the concern we’ve had regarding that nomenclature. Additionally, I think that having said threads drop there is appropriate since the same people who mute one will almost-always be muting the other. Keeps the inter-connectivity and such between the forums and Discord :wink:


The #basement lives and it’s muted by default. Unmute it if you like or pop in when you feel up to it.