The best Base Command deck for Star Wars: Battlefront



I recently completed all 139 Base Command sieges for the Star Wars Battlefront companion app game, plus the DLC. This included getting all 417 stars which translates to a lot of in-game currency (3 stars on every siege).

The Vocino Deck

Once I fine tuned my deck, I was able to use it for every single siege with only a couple exceptions. Every exception is just a slight modification of this deck.

Card Movement

I found that the most important thing for Base Command is using cards. You want to burn through your deck as quickly as possible. Don’t save cards until the best time unless it’s absolutely necessary.

For this reason, I use both Card Refresh and Scan Pulse. These two cards allow you to run through your deck. You might wonder why you would dedicate 2 cards for Scan Pulse just to draw 2 more cards. That’s because most of the Base Command cards are shit. Your goal is just to get to the good direct damage cards as often as possible.

Base Protection

I don’t use the base health because I never let anything through. Instead, I bring up shields a lot due to card cycling (see above). This allows me to drop shields whenever they come back instead of waiting for the right time. I drop shields even if it will protect just one unit.


I use 3 heroes plus the Millennium Falcon. Don’t save them for the right unit. Use them as soon as you can kill something with them. Why? For the same reason as above: card cycling! These heroes will draw new cards when they win and Han will draw the Falcon.


In many ways these are just as great as the grenades (below) since they apply direct damage. They have the potential for some wastage but that’s ok. Use them anyway, whenever you can. Remember to always fire what is left in your base turret before refilling it with the Infantry Turret card.


These are the cards you want to come up the most. These cards apply direct damage. The Thermal Imploder is the best card in the game.


These are the only unit upgrades I use. You will want to switch these out to ship upgrades if you’re playing one of the few sieges that don’t give you any ground units.