The big 1 8! B-Day Hype!


Just wanted to announce that my birthday is tomorrow and since I stream at 2 AM (Central) I’ll be doing a Birthday stream later tonight so if you’re a night bird like myself and you can stop by it would mean a lot!<3 I’ll finally be 18! Wish I had a bit more time cause I would love to do a 12 hours stream and hype it up a bit more but hey it’s my Birthday I’ll probably be sleeping! :sadgumball: :stuck_out_tongue:


What an epic stream thanks everyone for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday. Between you all hanging out and this: it’s been an amazing birthday so far and I’m only 7 hours into my birthday! <3


Sorry couldn’t make it but Happy Birthday!!!


Congrats! Another April (mine is the 12th). Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! Sorry I couldn’t be at the stream. I’m old and don’t stay up that late anymore.


subtle :wink:

Also, wouldn’t it be a manufacturing date for you rather than a birthday, or did you mean to write "birth"day?



Sorry just been able to sit down and get on but Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday it means a lot! <3 Also for those of you who couldn’t stop by I understand you either didn’t have the time or it’s too late and I understand! I know I’m at that weird time that hardly anybody can stop by.

@Vocino Thanks! and a Happy early Birthday to you!