The Chronicles of Elyria


This game concept looks insanse and i think we should get onto this when the beta tests come out.


I’m semi excited for this one, I backed the kickstarter but they informed us last month or something that they only have like a 3rd of what they’re gonna need and are doing more rounds of fund raising… little scary but still excited


They had their goal set to 900k and they are at 1.3m raised


@Philspaz is correct. Check out this article.

The developers now claim that the original $900k Kickstarter was just seed money and they require at least another $3M to actually make the game. They put up an online store to help raise some of the cash.

The comments on Kickstarter show lots of people upset about all of this. It was never explicitly stated during the campaign (as in, up front and in the campaign description) that additional funding would be needed. The developers buried something in the comments section during the campaign that said they would need more money.

The developers assumed that backers would simply understand that MMO development is expensive and they would need more cash. Basically, that original $900k raised is just to get the game into alpha 1 stage.


like I said, I’m still kind of excited but honestly not following anymore, here’s a part of the email I got about it explaining better what they didn’t explain during the kickstarter:

Haven’t you raised all the money you need?
So, back in May we launched a Kickstarter to raise $900,000. That money continues to be used as our seed funding for the development of Chronicles of Elyria. For those unfamiliar with a seed round, that’s when you raise enough money to put together a prototype for further investment rounds, such as a Series A.
To entrepreneurs, and to those outside the gaming industry, a strategy of using the money earned in each round of funding to reach the next one is perfectly normal. But in games, especially with crowdfunding, it can make backers nervous to hear that a game isn’t fully funded yet. Heck, it makes us a little nervous.
That being said, the $900,000 we raised during Kickstarter isn’t enough to finish Chronicles of Elyria. The reality is that Soulbound Studios is going to require another $2 Million more than that to get anywhere near completion. And with server hosting fees, QA work, etc., it would really be better if that was up around $3M instead.
While we do have strategies in place to help raise the additional money, any funds we raise through online pledges helps reduce that amount and also provides a bit of cushion between now and our next funding round.
It likely doesn’t surprise anyone, but between employee salaries, contract fees, medical/dental insurance, license fees, software purchases, rent, other insurances, internet fees, hosting fees, computers and furniture, and taxes, the money won’t last forever. As the CEO it’s my job to pay close attention to our burn-down and make sure we’ve got enough runway to reach our next funding goal. With that in mind, every dollar pledged in our online store takes away some of the stress. So if you haven’t pledged already, or have but are looking to upgrade, now’s the time. Speaking of upgrades…


Damn, good thing i havent backed it like i was going to