The Condescending Willy Wonka Meme and You


Continuing the discussion from Awesome Batman ps4:

You’re lacking the question/answer format of the Condescending Willy Wonka :wink:

##Examples of proper usage:

“First World Problems Girl” would have been a better choice given your format:

Alternatively, you could have added a question at the top and used your text as the bottom:



This is classic.


Someone quick! End the meme. We cannot let this get out of control.


Step your meme game


I did not know you could add your own text… I’ve been searching the Internet for something that works and posting it. TIL.


Make your own memes here :wink:


Omg @Auth I’m loving this! I love you go into extreme detail about how to and not to use it. I’ve seen this so much and finally someone actually comes out and explains it.

Furthering the ‘how to condescending wonka meme’ :wink: