The Crafting/Survival Fatigue


Is anyone else here getting really tired and bored with the crafting/survival genre? I enjoyed them when there were only a few and it was a new idea, but it seems like every single game that comes out now, or that ends up on steam, is another crafting/survival game. Been a while (for me at least) since a good dungeon crawler (not-roguelike or low-bit) or non-sequential RPG has been out (I say that because…well…I have played a LOT of Witcher).


Did you try Pillars of Eternity?


Forgot about it when I was typing this, just recently got it and installed it, still at the very beginning. But it is just something I have noticed recently that almost every new game is just another ARK: Evolved or eerily similar.


yup to many survivals. I played 7 days 2 die and h1z1 cause friends picked em up for me. Not really my thing, but i’ll hop in if theres enough people.

Maybe we’ll eventually see one worthwile lol.

Pillars of eternity I’ve beaten. Great game. I need ot start/finish divinity enhanced edition now.


I have all the Divinity games, but honestly, Divine Divinity Classic is my favorite. Something about old school isometrics gets me. Diablo, Dungeon Siege (pre-3), Divinity…gotta love 'em.