THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)


Man, I really hope this doesn’t suck.

The books were trippy as fuck and an awesome experience.


i have some concerns about this. I’m rereading the whole series right now (i’m on Wizard and Glass) and the movie doesn’t look like what I expected. It looks awesome, but is this supposed to be the start of the franchise that will basically be right out of the book? Because it doesn’t look like it at all. There’s already things I can pick out that don’t happen in the book and that makes me a little nervous. someone on reddit said that this was basically a sequel to the books. Is that true?


to follow up here, the reason I said:

is because of some rumor mill things going around since like 5-10 years ago.

When King set out to make this series he was pushing to places like Sony and other studios a concept of:

1 - 3 - 5 / Movies
2 - 4 / TV Series

Meaning that This movie being release now will be followed by a 1 season TV series, which then will be followed by an action packed 2nd movie following the lore of the 1st TV series, which will be followed by a 2nd TV series that will contain lore continuing the 2nd movie, which will culminate with a 3rd movie following the lore of the 2nd TV series.

AKA a MASSIVE undertaking.

The contra to that is they scrapped that idea and are cramming a ton of books into 1 movie. Something that I really hope they don’t do because of the sheer volume of information in each book.

Either way I am totally excited to see who is playing what in the end movie.


It sounds like it’s a reboot/sequel (time has moved on and the journey begins anew kind of thing). This allows them to have a similar story but take some liberties with it. Depending on success and how much, could be TV series and/or Movies.

Best story I could find in the last year:


I’ve been meaning to read this series. Might have to now.


Never read the books, however the movie definitely has me interested.


It’s one of my favorite series by any author and has a little something of everything: a post-apocalyptic, fantasy/Arthurian Western with some horror elements.


Look at it as another turn of the wheel, where things happen a little bit differently. I’m really hoping that this is good as the books are some of my favorites. That being said the trailer isn’t exactly blowing me away.


Excited for the premise, nervous of the outcome.

Was a super fan of the series and I heard lots of stories about the production for years. Hopefully this isn’t king settling because his history with settling isn’t a great one.


It’s kind of always been thought of as a sequelish to the books. It’s gonna take elements from the The Gunslinger and The Waste Lands. So, more of a new take on the series. It’ll upset fans, but King’s been involved heavily in it (like he usually is) and he doesn’t mind upsetting his fans lol.

The cast sold me tho. Idris Elba is a phenomenal actor, McConaughey can definitely play a villain role (I think of him as a subtle Nic Cage). The addition of Katheryn Winnick sold me 100%.


now that i think about it, most of King’s recent television/movie adaptations have been more loosely based on the books. that seems to be the recent trend. Under the Dome and 9/22/63 both started off following the book relatively closely, but took some hard turns to leave it open for further seasons. I just recently read there’s a new series being produced called The Mist. I first thought it was a remake of the movie (based on the novella written by King), which was awesome. but when saw that it was a series, i felt like they’re just going to do what they did with Under the Dome and change the story to make more money in the long run. I have to say, i’m not a fan of that. it’s basically the definition of “selling out”. changing your art to make a bigger buck.

i’ll still watch the Dark Tower, but i’m still concerned.