The Diary of Booger Brown - Destiny Fan Fiction



I’ve created some fan fiction. I think any sci-fi reader would like it. It’s a Lovecraftian vision of the whole Destiny universe. Benjamin ‘Booger’ Brown is a IT contractor for GSI, a mega corporation with ties to Dead Orbit and FWC. He is not a guardian, but an ordinary human being who has his suspicions about the impending war between Guardians and the forces of Darkness. He lives in exile on the Moon and he suspects and reveals that all is not what it seems to be in the Tower. This is his story and his conspiracy theory.

Check it out.

There are four episodes published and several more will come out this week. If there’s something you’d like to see explored in the Destiny world that’s mysterious, it can become part of Booger’s conspiracy theory. Become a co-conspirator!


Chapter Seven is out today. Check it out.


I didn’t realize you already had more than 1 chapter. Great read so far, I’m enjoying the first person perspective and its making me even more hyped for the 9th.


I feel like DeeJ, there’s so much more good stuff that I have in store…


Chapter 11 is up. Tomorrow is the last chapter.