'The Division 2' Actually Did It, It's The First Comprehensive, Competent Looter



Although I usually take forbes game articles with a grain of salt, I have to agree with his assessment here. It would appear that we finally have a successful launch of a good game that actually has a lot of content from the start.

It seems Ubisoft has finally paid attention to the mistakes of their previous games as well as mistakes in other loot shooters.

Oh and there’s no laptop queue.


Ubisoft is becoming my favorite publisher by the way they handle a “comeback” Between Rainbow Six Siege, and Division 2 (as long as it lives up). They are creating good portfolio.


The mad lads actually did it


It has a few things I don’t care for like the new weapon mod system but it’s actually really good.


What’s a laptop queue?


In Division 1 on release day the first mission you needed to click on a laptop to sign in. Only one person could do it at a time so to eliminate people trying to click on it all at one time they all queued their characters up to wait their turn. It was quite comical.


Dude, I remember fighting with the entire area to get to that fucking laptop so I could progress. How that made it through testing is beyond me.


It was funny. We had an actual line. Some new guy would run in and go up to the laptop and you’d hear everyone yell at the same time “Back of the line pal!”