The Division 2 Clan and user name



So seeing as how we seem to have enough people who are going to play i will form a Strats Clan on game launch. If those that are going to play and join the Clan would please list your UPlay user name and/or your Epic game tag so we can all add each other! I am going to ping @Auth To make this a wiki post then we should be set!

Message @Biff_Tannen or add him in game to get a clan invite.

Clan name: StratsCo
Clan Tag: SCO

UPlay game tag: Droul01
Epic Game tag: Droul

UPlay game tag: thepete06
Epic Game tag: thepete06

UPlay game tag: stHeretic
Epic Game tag: stHeretic

UPlay game tag: BiffTannen82
Epic Game tag: BiffTannen82




Post is now a wiki.




uplay: stHeretic


I have reached the point where I can make a clan now if you haven’t


Invite sent


Invite failed to send. Might need your Epic name


Try it one more time. I hadn’t fired up yet, and I’m thinking that may have been the issue.




This is getting ridiculous…i spelled his game tag wrong and it wont let me edit anything so here is his correct game tag.

Uplay game tag: BigRedBeerd


He’s still on my friends list from D1 so I’ll invite him.


Yeah I can’t edit it either. Says it’s too similar to what I recently posted. Seems there is server maintenance now so I will have to add him tonight. At least until I can give you leader and have more people with invite permissions.


We need at least 4 people in the clan so we can do weekly clan challenges.