The Division 2 state of the clan


Hey everyone. Droul wanted this clan started so I got it up and running for him with the intent on him taking over leadership. With the sad news of his passing I will keep the clan running for him. I do work three jobs so I don’t really have the time to plan clan events and what not so if anyone wants to help me out by being an officer and planning stuff that would be great.

Here are the users currently in the clan. I will be keeping Droul’s tag on the list in honor of him.
If you want a clan invite send me a message or tag me in a rely so I get notified.

Clan name: StratsCo
Clan Tag: SCO

UPlay game tag: Droul01
Epic Game tag: Droul

UPlay game tag: thepete06
Epic Game tag: thepete06

UPlay game tag: stHeretic
Epic Game tag: stHeretic

UPlay game tag: BiffTannen82
Epic Game tag: BiffTannen82

Uplay game tag: BigRedBeerd

Uplay: dontcallmejames


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