The Division: a Graphics Comparison



This is disappointing, someone needs to stop these companies from tricking everyone

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@Vocino and I were having a discussion about this type of thing this or last week in Discord. The vast majority of gamers don’t care, the content creator even mentions that briefly.

As long as there isn’t much in the way of a revenue dip because of this type of behaviour, studios will continue to engage in it. We aren’t even talking millions of dollars in a dip anymore, it would need to be 10’s or 100’s of millions in a dip to really matter.

The double reality is that people are buying it to play from a minimum of 5 feet away from their screen. They won’t notice nor care to look for a graphical drop.


This is a really cool video. Seems like the standard stuff. The concept car looks nothing like the production car. lol


In addition to what @GuardianX mentioned, I would also say that some of these video comparisons just aren’t fair.

Supporting 2 or 3 or more different fidelity builds of the game is very expensive. So during the testing phases over 3 years for a game like The Division, the goal is to see what the absolute highest stable build can be. Usually that gets scaled back from initial ambition rather than driven forward.

One could make the argument that studios just shouldn’t show early gameplay ever and avoid the entire situation. I’m not sure that’s the outcome I would prefer though since I kinda like seeing stuff early and getting excited about it.


I understand what you are saying @GuardianX, and I agree, gameplay trumps graphics. I too could care less if the graphics weren’t that great, but when a company comes out and brags about all these features and graphical advancements but then strips them from the game…that shit doesn’t fly with me. Do people already forget about watchdogs? They showed everyone this beautiful game at E3…only to release something that looked no where near the graphic fidelity we saw at the E3. Something needs to change. Using @Dezmo’s analogy could you imagine a car company selling this cool concept car, but when it gets delivered to you it’s just the product ton car. Any other industry this would be false advertisement, why are these put lingers getting away with this? If you watched that whole video that guy made so many good points. Only the gamers are going to change this, and the only way to do it is hit them where it hurts, their pockets. Which also has me convinced nothing will ever change, because even though I’m super fed up… I won’t even try to act like I’m not getting the division. :blush:


So, you are saying you aren’t purchasing the game?

heh, this is actually what I was pointing to right here.

We as gamers “care” but not enough to actually sacrifice our entertainment.

Also, I don’t mind if you want to buy the game. It looks fun as heck!


After the “gem” that was Assassins Creed Unity ubisoft came out to say they were going to stop over promising on the game announcements/demos. Will they actually do so …/shrug.

What humors me is the people who make such a fervor over the visuals and still buy the game. It’s similar to the anti-madden,CoD,BF crowd that pre-order, buy Season Pass and get pissy 15 mins into the game calling it “stale content”. Like come on, you said that last time, so you know what to expect.

I really dont think this practice will stop, just as season passes and dlc are now a staple, so too shall remain the practice of pre-rendered, 60fps tech demos followed by 15fps in engine final product.

Sidebar; if what they are showing in the most recent gameplay trailer is console, they’ve come a VERY long way.


If it doesn’t fly for you then why are you buying the game? That is the reason these problems exist right there. Now personally I don’t give two shits if they downgraded the graphics as long as it runs well and is fun to play. If they were to add bonkers micro transactions like Evolve did I won’t buy.


So yeah… People complain too much these days. All i really care is about gameplay. After the Alpha gameplay leaks i thought that this was going to be another Freaking Destiny. Now, dont get me wrong. Destiny is good but is an overpriced game with low content. Dont get me started with TTK expansion…

I was about to buy The Division for PC, just because the looks, then i told myself… Screw the looks, i want gameplay and i damn love my PS4 and the handful of friend i have there, and i am sure i will enjoy some good times with the Strats bros and systas there.

When you are having fun solo or with friends, having a good time… all that crying about downgrades fades away, remember that.


I’m reading this thread like


I want to understand this reference. Please help.


Maybe I shouldn’t have said it that way, I should have probably said it like I’m not just going to sit here quietly. Again, all you guys are saying how people should stop bitching about downgraded graphics, i get it. But either I’m not being clear enough, or people are choosing not to understand the analogies. When I am showed a product, I expect it to be exactly as advertised. When it isn’t as advertised, I return it. That isn’t allowed in the gaming industry. Open up a game and try and return that bitch (I actually was able to do that once, but never any other time). My complaint is how companies are getting away with showing us these graphics and how fucking stunning they are (or features that are promised) and when the game is released its no where near what was previously shown. People buy games based off of what they see. You can’t tell me you didn’t see watchdogs at E3 and you weren’t like “I’m buying that shit day 1”. Again, I have said above, I agree, gameplay trumps graphics…case and point The Order 1886. Gameplay will always be king. My issue with these companies is the bullshit we are fed and then the bullshit they release.

You can’t be serious…games are released broken, 9GB day one patches, not as promised, half hearted, dlc pack but yet they havent even said what the dlc is (batman arkham night)…every gamer has ever right to be pissed off and fed up. It actually surprises me with the amount of people who are content. I couldn’t’ imagine shit like this happening in any other industry…people would be getting sued out the ass.

TL:DR, You know what would have me way content, if they just came the fuck out and said “Yes we downgraded the graphics because of blah blah blah.” I wouldn’t have any complaints.


But that doesnt change anything about the game /gameplay. It just to satisfy yourself. We are not talking about a cheating wife here haha.

I understand your point. I really do. But sadly these are the kind of stuff that costumers have no control and like you said, they get away doing so. Too much eye candy, then they give us almost nothing.

It just the way it is. Didnt someone sued a game company because of misleading trailer and footage?


I’m kinda lost too.

I think it was a reference to PC master race laughing at console issues. What confuses me is that this issue isn’t just a console issue as far as I am aware, they butchered all platforms.


I’m not sure. But I’m pretty positive there will be an uproar if Ubisoft “Watcdogs” us again…or at least I hope there is. Part of me feels like nothing will ever change, and part of me feels like gaming companies will have to change or they will see sales dip. The one thing I will give to bungie is, the initial release was shit bad (bad in the sense that it was no where near what we thought it was going to be), but after that they seemed to always be straight forward to their fan base. I think they learned, and I really think that Destiny 2 will be as promised (or as close as it gets lol).



This right here is why a TON of people are watching Star Citizen with baited breath / extreme scepticism.

If the game releases with a badass story, polished engine and beautiful graphics for around 100-150 million USD then gamers should take notice and start applying the same demands on other studios.

If it fails horribly, then the sentiment of, “nothing will ever change” will certainly be the case for a while longer.


Have you play the game? Star Citizen looks damn GOOD. I mean Fucking amazing!!! Yet we know nothing for the story. Yes the engine needs a lot of optimization.
The FPS part plays good. I like how it plays. (I own the game)

Sadly i dont really like this kind of space flying games. So i might end up selling my account, who knows!


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He’s the father. He’s allowed to let himself go a bit.