[The Division] Agent Friends Finder Thread (LFG,LFM)



This thread will be used for people to find Friends, LFG, LFM, and for the officers to create events! I will be updating this post as needed for events and groups. FYI, I will not be updating this OP with groups created outside of the Beta and special formed events, that would be bananas! :banana:

New Agents:

  • If you are new and haven’t signed up for the Strats clan, please go there first by clicking this link. There you can find all the people who are in the clan(PS4/XB1/PC) and add them to your friends list!

  • Join Discord(optional)

How to read this thread:

  • Scroll to the bottom and read up! Or take the long way down :smile:

  • Also make sure to check the Formed Groups/Events section of this post.

Make an LFG post including the following:

  • Date/Time to play. Please include your timezone.

  • Your console and your psn/gamertag/steam

  • How many you are looking for

  • Although not required, maybe update your post if you have acquired someone but you are still looking for more

Try to mix things up, I know myself I will be trying to play with alot of you. I know you can only have squads of 4, but having your party chat set to open (psn chat allows 8 max) allowing anyone to join will be more beneficial in team building. I will always have my party chat open if anyone wants to join up!

LFM: Division Beta this weekend [PC]

I get to be Chandler!


No way bruh


Fine, I’m the new guy… I’ll be Phoebe.


4 person max squads :grinning:


Friday the 29th i will be on PS4 from about 10am EST and play throughout the day and evening.

PSN - Droul01

would like to group with as many of you as i can! I will have a Strats The Division party chat so hop in and we will have some fun :smile:


When does it start? I plan on being on all day Friday and probably Saturday.


The PlayStation 4 and PC Beta will begin Friday, January 29 at 1pm CET/7am EST/4am PST and will end Monday, February 1 at 12pm CET/6am EST/3am PST.


Friday at 6am CST it is then. :smile:


Just a correction here - I think Joey was the most recent addition on the show (not counting Rachel re-joining). Assuming you were playing new Strats guy = new Friends guy.

I used to watch some Friends.


Thanks. I’m stuck in Destiny world. Even numbers make everything better!


I’ll be playing on PC (uplay:kdmaam) from 9am to 3pm and from 9pm~ to 1am~ (EST).

Are we going to use mumble?

We need to gang this up! These streets need to be ours!


Im in. Will likely be on at launch :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I am planning to leave work a bit early although I wont be able to play that much launch day :confounded:

I plan on playing 3pm - 7pm est, and possibly late night after 10pm est
PSN: ducksauce88

I will have my party chat open every time I’m on! Pop in!


#update to my group for PS4

I have changed my plans and will be on at launch on PS4 so from the responses my team will be : @Droul @longrifle and @epyon415. Still looking for 1 more that plan to play at launch so we have a full clan team!! MAN AM I HYPED!!!

hit me up…you know you want to…1 more


@Droul is that for psn or pc? if it is for pc i’ll join you! Launch for me is 7am which is too early for gaming but i’ll join you at 9am


Sorry i should have stated the platform…i will be on PS4 at launch but will be playing on PC some time later in the day.


@Droul add me up, playing at launch until body doesn’t respond LOL

PSN xploz1on


UPDATE #2 for my PS4 group…FULL


We are gonna wreck people!! w000h00 :smile: I would like to try all aspects of the game…do alot of exploring…get some fat loot in the DZ…build our bases up if that is in play for beta…do the story missions etc etc!!