The Division - Another Free weapon skin



Just login with your Uplay account and it will be available in game

EDIT: link updated/fixed


How does this work BTW? I clicked the link but the window gets closed instantly.


From what I gathered they got enough likes on their Facebook page, so they’re giving everyone a free weapon skin if you go to that page while logged into your uPlay account. Try logging in and then clicking the link; it worked for me.


Did you notice if it appeared in your account?


I don’t even know where I’d look for something like that in uPlay; it’s a pretty counter-intuitive layout, IMO.


Don’t think it will. Uplay typically doesn’t show any of that stuff. It should be at the rewards vendor though.


okay, thanks all, guess I just have to assume I snagged it ><


I really wish the companies that are going to require us to use their ham-fisted websites would at least pretend to have taken some care and consideration in creating them; shit’s getting old.