The Division at E3 NEW trailers and announcements



So i am covering Tom Clancys The Division press conference today at 6pm EST. More info and hopefully some cool new gameplay videos and announcements. Will update as the presser goes live.


found this as well. BETA!!


New trailer leaked from Xbox presser…game play footage looks kinda downgraded from what i have seen in the past.


Looking good! I would love to see a summary of bullet points that were discovered from E3 if you have time to write something. :wink:


Heres the straight Poop from Ubisoft!

  • Watch your back as your teammates can turn on you and try to kill you and take your stuff you got from your trip to the Darkzone. So be wary of who you group with if you are not playing with Strats members.

  • Official E3 2015 trailer

That is all so far so enjoy and the wait begins.


We beta on PC/PS4? Hands down I’m sure it would look better on PC given the proper hardware.


Man that looks like a lot of fun!