The Division Beta extended



The beta will be extended by 24 hours!


Rejoice, now maybe I will get another shot at it tonight…


LoL that thread is amazing.

I was playing til late last night and the people abusing “mechanics” was insane LoL. It was a madhouse in the DZ I was in. People were just murdering everyone they wanted and then booking it out of the DZ and getting ported into the safe room.

– If you want to be a tool: Kill a person, then kill 4 more, then run like mad to the out of bounds area and stay safe for 10 seconds. After that time you will be ported inside the safehouse and can wait out your 5 minute debuff.

There is also an invisibility bug plaguing both consoles and PC, I don’t know how it is re-produced but what happens is that you become invisible and essentially immortal and can run around shooting anything you want without them attacking back.

There are multiple locations in the game right now that offer GREAT protection from attack but are “easily” countered by going into the out of bounds and hopping from inbound to out of bound til you get where you want to reach. I killed a few people abusing the manhunt to saferoom mechanic this way. The salt was real.


Will this really be a problem once the game is launched and the out-of-bounds regions will supposedly be gone since the whole map will be open?


That one should be gone, the invisibility one is less understood and I hope the devs are paying attention to it.

I don’t so much care about the out of bounds stuff as you can counter it by remembering the names of people abusing it and killing them once they exit the safe-house if you are a tad salty like I was last night.


shit. looks like i wont be doing school work tomorrow either


I think that the invisible thing goes hand in hand with the out of bounds teleportation so in the full release it shouldn’t be an issue. At least I hope.


I say that because a person in our group became invisible after being teleported to the safe house after going out of bounds. I’m sure there is a correlation therefore once there’s no boundary to cross the invisibility shouldn’t be an issue.


And here I was thinking downloading it for playing a measy 1or 2 hours wouldnt be worth it -.-