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Alright so I’ve tried to find the answer to this question and I can’t find it anywhere… so be gentle. This is my first beta so I don’t know what to expect on a system I haven’t even had that long. I got the PS4 pre-order from Amazon, did the code and got the email and stuff. Will the beta version install on its own on my system or will I have to go in to the ps4 store and download it from there?

Edit: Since this is a noob ass question, I’ll delete it after I get the answer so it doesn’t stick around.


I don’t know the answer to you question friend, but I’m sure someone will come along soon that does. Don’t worry about deleting it. You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s ok here. Maybe your question will help someone else down the road.

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I believe it will depend on whether or not the company has implemented auto-download. With some game releases you will automatically install the game about 48 hours prior to launch. However, I doubt this will be turned on for a beta.

My suggestion would be to check the store 24-48 hours before start time for the beta to see if it’s available for download.


Awesome, thanks for the reply guys!


I want to say I heard 48 hour pre-load, but I may also be completely mental; this may or may not correlate :wink:




The game will not Auto Download if is not in your queue. Once your pre-order is set, the beta should be auto downloaded. Check Wednesday. I will post US download link once is up too.


I had the same question, no worries. Your thread provided the answer.


So in my experience with betas, and based on the alpha, the game wont auto-install. Sometime tomorrow you should get an email with a code that you redeem on your respective platform (thinking PC will direct you to Uplay or Steam) which will activate/download the beta client.

After that its just a matter of waiting until servers unlock for each platform.

Note it is possible PC and PS4 won’t get codes until Wednesday.


never be afraid to ask questions, we have good community here and no one will give you grief or troll you


Damn, y’all are awesome. Gonna like it here :grinning:


Ubisoft has said that the preload for the Beta will be available 48h before. Now with the XB1 getting it a day early, not sure if everyone gets the preload when the XB1 gets it, or if the preload will be staged.

Now as someone who preordered a physical copy, I just have to wait for the code to be emailed to me so I can redeem it at the PlayStation Store. Funner times.

UPDATE: I just found this:


I’m in the same boat as you. I pre-ordered a physical copy from Amazon Prime.


Should have gotten your beta access already, make sure you redeemed those on beta site.


i havent got mine yet either…better hurry up!!


I believe USA gets theirs tomorrow?


pre loading the PC version as i type!!!


@Droul you lucky… well… dog?

And I got the beta access and went thru the site, it says that I will receive an email with a key. so I’m guessing the beta will be on the Playstation store and then I put the key in after downloading it?


Im still waiting for my PS4 key…i ordered from the playstation store and havent got it yet :frowning:


You wont get a Key @Droul

As long as Pre order is in Queue the Beta will self add to library and start downloading.
I Also pre-ordered from Playstation Store too. We good :smiley: