The Division Beta (Xbox One) First Thoughts?


Does it live up to the HYPE? I think it does. Even in the beta the gameplay is fairly fluid and feels natural. Running from enemies is my favorite part so far. What do you guys like so far first day of beta?
I’ve decided to record a bit of my initial reaction to the beta. Watch it if you’re interested in this game and if you’re at all considering getting this game I suggest it heavily. Releases in March.


Nice vid.

Just FYI “DPS” means Damage Per Second.


The game will be fun. The instanced story world is a little disappointing, and I would’ve rather seen it similar to an mmo. It will be fine in the end. Mutliplayer and co-op is were this game is the best; be it story missions or the dark zone, playing with others really brings the tactical gameplay elements to the surface.

Now that ive had a proper group in the dark zone, i can see its appeal. Nice twist on PvP.