The Division collapse - AR sim site



Lil fun site simulating how quickly the virus would spread in your area and beyond

EDIT: So I ended the world in 25 days! Talk about efficiency. Post your results.


Hah, nice little simulator


Nice haha I fucked up Texas firsg


Them’s fightin’ words :wink:


Well seeing as I live here and wanted to see what it’d be like if I did everything as close to real life as possible ofcourse I’d mess Texas up… On accident.


The requirement to take a flight blew my mind; that’s not at all what I’d be trying to do. Needless to say, I killed everyone too :wink:

25:13:54 was all it took to collapse civilization, apparently.


Yea I found that really stupid seeing as I have a shotgun and my brother owns about 10 weapons so yea I’d hold onto my house and we live near several farms and ranches with plenty of deer and cows. Not to mention all the small wildlife in my area. I do not live in a big town at all lol.


Even with the Canadian healthcare system putting up a good fight, I was still able to end the world within 26 days - 26d 3h 6mins to be exact. And that’s with me fleeing to Honolulu instead of a hub like London Gatwick or somewhere like that.


Seems like 24-26 days is the standard time to kill all the world.

Great jobs Strategists, make me so proud :joy::joy: