The Division - DLCs Delayed



Colour me as shocked, but it seems Ubisoft/Massive have finally figured out that much of the salt towards the title & core gameplay is something they should be looking futher into. To allow them to do this, they’ve decided to delay their DLC and focus on update 1.4 as a gameplay update (scheduled release in October). You can read more here:

The tl;dr version if reading is tough (patch 1.4):

  • Fixing bugs, including those listed in our Known Issues as well as many other ones

  • Making loot drops more relevant to the player

  • Enemy difficulty and time to kill

  • Gear Sets and weapons balancing

  • Solo player experience

  • Dark Zone and PvP balancing

  • Quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such as weapon skins no longer taking inventory space)

  • Update 1.4 in a Special Report livestream on September 13th

New DLC Timeline:

  • Survival DLC - later this year (originally Summer '16, then October '16 and now…).
  • Last Stand DLC - early 2017 (originally Winter '16).

Think this is enough to salvage the title? Or is it too late?


While I’m glad they’re doing something about everything (finally), this is a too little too late situation to see any immediate benefits. That said, Evolve Stage 2 did wonders for that games’ population and health, so it’s possible they’ll eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel; if they were to go full-on apology the way Evolve’s team did and show some stout commitment to addressing the real issues, they might have a shot of recovering some of the lost faith in the title, but The Division’s peak population is behind it, almost certainly. Here’s hoping they can win back a few folks and keep their remaining playerbase happy :wink:


I think you guys fail to see the popularity of this title.

Division was #4 grossing console game worldwide for July.


Be that as it may, according to those charts, there is other information out there that paints a less-impressive picture of the state of The Division’s sales, overall. The Steam chart tells an expected story based on how the game was received on PC, but there is other sales data that places the title in a much worse position than that Playstationlife article would have readers believe.

According to this website, when looking at sales data for various titles globally, in July, The Division didn’t do so hot (globally finishing, on PS4 and XB1, in positions 35 and 47 for the week ending on 02 July, 28 and 42 for the week ending on 09 July, 31 and 47 for the week ending on 16 July, and 34 and 30 for the week ending on 23 July, respectively, in console game sales; stats include all consoles and games, not just PS4 and XB1 ones). Granted, it’s currently listed as the number 2 and 5 game in global sales (year to date) of any console game, but that’s telling (in my opinion) of the reception and retention it’s had (especially given all the sales records it broke at launch). Heck, in each of those July weeks, GTA 5 (over 80 weeks on the market) outsold it, according to these charts. I think it’s good that Ubisoft is trying to do something about the situation, because with as much time and money as they sank into it, the game doesn’t seem to have delivered for a lot of people.

Maybe a better general comparison for what I’d like to see happen is to look at Destiny, which had a huge launch, a lot of salt, and a terrible retention rate compared to its sales numbers. The following year they did a ton of work leading up to The Taken King, and everyone flipped shit over how much better it was and how this is what should have been the game that released rather than what they shipped initially. I think we might be seeing a similar pattern in The Division (at least, Ubisoft can only hope) :wink:


Whenever I hear about The Division, I just get sad. Man, I was so hyped for that game.


No one will ever get more sad and mad than i will… Rip $100


I’ve been with baited breath since update 1.2. The BIGGEST problem is not with the game, but the ineptitude of the team at Massive. From dev engineers to PR (ass clowns) it has been just a shit show left and right. The blatant lies and ignorance of the issues didn’t do anything to instill confident they could or would fix the issues.

This plan is feeling similar to all of the previous fixes they released for game breaking issues, so I am not giving them benefit of the doubt. DEEP down inside I hope this title can be saved by someone and if/when that happens I will happily return to playing it.

That said, this olive branch is definitely too little to late to return the game to its 10mil sales glory. Any fixes from here on out will only appeal to the active player base, but it will not bring back droves of players.


As one of the few people still playing regularly, I’m glad that they are doing something to address the major issues with the game. I still think the core gameplay, however poorly scaled, is great fun. I don’t know if they’ll pull off a major overhaul with their existing team, but hey, we can dream, right?

Destiny is a great example of a game that screwed it up and then got it right later. See also Diablo 3. The game is stunning, and the concept obviously had a draw. If they can turn it around (probably not in 1.4 TBH, but maybe that will be a good first step) I could see it having a revival.




I think the major difference there is competency of the team and the willingness to accept that there was an issue.

Initially, the team behind The Division was pushing the blame onto other people such as hackers and trolls. Finally when they ran relatively dry on those targets they stood up and admitted there was issues but then started the most random process of balancing of the game.

I would say, “I hope they learned their lesson.” But the reality is, TONS of people gave them money for content not even released yet. Their lesson so far is that, people will pay for hype.


This is why preorders are the devil. I bought the season pass before the first content drop, once I knew what I was getting, warts and all.


All that matters if they keep releasing patches and fixing what was broken with the game. If they do turn this game around I will pop in it and give it another go. Every game deserves a second shot if the developers are willing to fix what is wrong and listen to the community


make that 2 of us…I will get back on once this is taken care of just to attempt to get my moneys worth…


Ditto. I got sold on the hype and put in more money that I should have. Knowing what I know now, I’m more salty about the season pass as I really did enjoy the story and the first experiences in the game.


I’m super looking forward to the changes they will make to this game.

I love The Division so much, and it makes me happy to see it get some extra love and care.

It makes me wanna start playing again so I can prepare my character for 1.4 :grin::grin::grin:


I hope they can turn this ship around, I really do. I so want to be excited about the game, if only to say I got my monies worth.


this is an important step towards recovery:

Adding a PTR for patches. PC only so far, no official launch date, but i would anticipate it sometime this month.

I am starting to suspect that there was a shake up internally during their 3 week vacation.

This is a good sign.

Optimism rating = 0.001 uplay points :joy:


I still wish for it to rebound. The original concept was so good. I just think it’s so far away from that open world dystopia RPG now.


Is there a title that has a PTR on console?

Natchai is leaving as a CM. Organic change or not, a visible sign that something has changed. Not that I had an issue with the dude and could very well be a coincidence.


I can’t think of one right off; likely because patches must pass Microsoft/Sony QA. That’s why games like Smite, TESO and now Overwatch get updated on PC first and then the console updates come a few days or even months later.