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Ok, so I’m somewhat new to the RPG game type. In fact a game like Destiny had me confused as shit when it first dropped. I remember asking…“why the hell are there so many currency’s? this makes no sense”. Anyway, I found this to be a good read for people who are noobish to these types of games like me.

I pulled this from /r/thedivision so none of this is my own words:

Which gun is better? But my dps is higher with this one. Is my dps high enough for challenging? Bruh
I keep seeing the same questions over and over. Let me clear some things up for those of you who are unfamiliar with mmo mechanics.
This is a game with hundreds of stats, not just three. Everyone seems so focused on dps, health and skill power. Quite honestly, these stats are poorly calculated and should be taken with less than a grain of salt.
Let’s talk about WEAPON dps. I’ll give two examples. An ACR and the infamous Vector. -:smiling_imp:
First up, damage per bullet. The damage you see on the gun itself, not the dps. This number is far more important than the calculated dps. Pay. Attention. To this.
In this case the ACR has 8.9k damage per bullet, and the Vector has 10.6k damage per bullet. Pay attention.
Also keep in mind that as your firearms stat goes up (along with damage% on magazines), the damage per bullet number goes up. This applies to everything, including blueprints.
Secondary stats. The ACR has higher range, accuracy, rate of fire and mag size. But does this make up for the 1.7k difference in damage per bullet? Well… The game calculates the accuracy stat as your personal chances of hitting the target. That’s a super shitty way to do it, but accuracy is the biggest contributer to dps of all the stats. The stability, which isn’t even calculated into dps IS your actual chance of hitting something. Rate of fire and mag size are giant contributors to the dps stat and are actually contributing to your real dps unlike accuracy. The range… This one is tricky. The acr has double the range of the vector, and this is going to improve the dps stat of the acr by quite a bit.
Since you can make up for stability with skill but you can’t make a weapon more accurate (always talking about max optimal range use here btw), this is why the game calculates accuracy and not stability.
So far the dps stat is going to be in favor of the acr, even with the lower actual damage per bullet. Now. Let’s see how the vector makes up ground behind the scenes.
The acr will come with no stats, the vector can come with inherent 25% crit rate. Since the acr does not come with crit rate, you wouldn’t build it with crit rate and crit damage because it’s crit chance starts at 0. You would build it for straight stability and accuracy, thus increasing your dps calculation through the roof.
With the vector, crit rate and crit damage IS NOT calculated into the dps stat. So at the end of the day, I’ll let you decide which gun is better.
ACR- 132k dps. 8.9k damage. 960 rpm. 58 mag. 7 accuracy, 5 reload, 4 range, 5 stability. 0 crit rate. 0 crit damage. 18 headshot damage.
Vector- 110k dps. 10.6k damage. 935 rpm. 39 mag. 3 accuracy, 7 reload, 2 range, 7 stability, 65 crit rate, 89 crit damage, 67 head shot damage.
So there you have it. Keep in mind that although the acr has longer sustained fire, the vector will obviously have MUCH higher damage per bullet. And in the hardest content in the game, every. Bullet. Counts. You tend to run out of ammo often. Of course this is a bad example, but the point of the post is… Stop worrying about the dps stat, and start focusing on playing to the strengths of each weapon. Whatever playstyle you want. I prefer the m1a primary, and the vector secondary. When enemies are in close range, #byefelicia.
I crafted the vector 31 times before I got my current talents (19% health on kill). Still need to build more for different situations, but that’s the grind lol. If you want a longer range sustained fire gameplay, focus on building to your guns strengths. Acr. M60. Police m4. I feel like I’m rambling. Any questions just ask. It’s hard to cover all content when Noone is asking specifics lol.
I’m an mmorpg veteran of 20 years. Stat cruncher. Nerd with too much time on his hands. Hit me up!
EDIT: as a quick edit, I wanted to add in my buffs from talents and skills.
Pulse: crit chance 26.3, crit damage 60. Smart Cover: damage resist 45, damage buff 34. damage 50, crit chance 20.
Talents: tech support, stopping power, one is none, steady hands.
For the record, none of your skills, talents and Perks will be calculated in that Oh so popular dps stat. I could have 50k dps stat and blow doors on someone with 100k who isn’t running any of these buffs and talents.

I’ve been getting requests for the crunchathon to move in this direction. Here, I will go over the “behind the scenes” of the stamina stat.
So here we have our handy dandy health pool. Cool stat eh? But Mr. Proto Baggins, I have 100k health and get one shot in challenge mode. Wut do.
Behind this health stat, there are mitigation factors. For example, my current health pool is 75k as a pure dps build. Meh. Could be higher. However, my ARMOR mitigates 45% of all WEAPON damage. This brings my effective health pool to 108, 500 vs weapons. My mitigation vs. Elites is at 18% and my smart cover gives me a further 45% mitigation. Now, this all brings my effective health pool vs. Weapons to 156,000.
But Proto, grenades eat me for breakfast. Yup. Endless grenade spam from npc’s is a mechanic that I personally believe needs to be tweaked. I get that the devs want this to be hard, but there are far better ways of increasing difficulty than painting red circles all over the place. Now… We have 75k hp and armor doesn’t mitigate shit from grenades. However, here are some stats that do (using incendiary grenades for reference).
— 75k hp + 18% elites + 48% exotic resist = 124,500 hp vs grenades.
This section doesn’t need to be very big for you to understand how to calculate your ACTUAL effective hp. I know we all like showing off our three little stats, but what you should also add in your self promotion is the behind the scenes modifiers.
Look at the man behind the curtain fellas! This isn’t a one dimensional, 3 stat game. Stat crunch. Create builds. Min max.


Pretty sure there are also talents that destroy armor and armor penetration that also completely complicate the calculation.

Also heard someone mentioning armor mitigation being capped at 65%.

I don’t even know how to check my armor’s mitigation amount.


I don’t have the UI in front of me, but its under your character and I think the section title is survivability.


This is when I knew this was a post I could trust. Bring up a bunch of great points and is a good read.


Oh wow, there’s a bunch of stats there. Neat.


duck sauce i added you. would like to play in game. very good read and i agree. i went with M60 just due to sustained bullets / sniper… quick kill use a shotty. i enjoyed the read and had similar thoughts just didnt break it down as well as you have. thanks for the incite


I <3 this game


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How do you guys feel about stability vs accuracy?

I originally thought that stacking stability would how you’d make a gun more controllable, but it feels like accuracy constrains the spray a decent bit as well.


Hey @VivaVizer Stability keeps the cross hair from jumping all around, while accuracy keeps the cross hair from expanding in width, just wanted to also mention, the bullet stability keeps your bullets from spreading out. A good balance between the 3 is always a good fit =). I hope this helps


Someone just posted about it on the subreddit today.

Seems to match my general feelings and what you said.


That is actually way more descriptive and concise.