The Division - DZ Beast mode on! 1 vs 3



I was chilling in the DZ with @longrifle killing NPC, doing some farming.

3 Guys ganked us and killed us without us been able to do anything. We continue to farm and they tried to kill us again…

xploz1on beast mode on! NSFW Music

@longrifle Link skill was a savior!

After that we killed them like 3 more times, @xXSeoulCrusherXx joined us and then they just kept running away form us haha.


Nice take down on the zip! Good switch to marksman!


Thanks man. Sweet Revenge!


I was cannon fodder :joy:


Yea they ran like some b*tches after we laid the smack down on em a few times. Good times


PS4 fights are always so much more interesting than PC ones. People get straight-up deleted in the DZ on PC, especially at that range. Well fought and nice grenade at the start :wink:


I was wondering how he didn’t die early with those 2 right on top til @GuardianX mentioned it was probably that too