The Division - Equipment, Ammo Types and Consumables



Here is a video with usefull Info:

Something i cant find the answer for:
Contaminated items. We can see that we will be able to carry more than one. But is it limited to one weapon only? Do you drop ALL your contaminated items once killed after being Rogue? How many you drop after getting killed and not being Rogue?

So, if we can carry more than one (No matter the item) Contaminated item, that means that this is only to let other players you have contaminated gear:

Makes The Dark Zone more interesting!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Freaking out to get all the loot out!! haha.

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Starting it is 6 items, however this can be upgraded (currently unsure exactly how). If I remember correct it I saw 8 being the max.

When you die…this is still highly uncertain…you drop some of your items vs all. Still not 100% sure on this. I don’t think it changes when you are rogue or not.

sidenote: screw this guy for stealing my video idea :laughing:


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sidenote: screw this guy for stealing my video idea :laughing:
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If you are a Rogue Agent and you die, you will drop Every Contaminated loot you currently have. This is confirmed by a Dev, cant remember from what video i got the info.

I wonder if the % for what you drop when not Rogue agent is random.


Would think and hope so. Though knowing my luck I’ll only drop the best piece of gear i have on me, lol.