The Division Gold Edition PC - Digital Edition 30% off



Follow these directions, the discount on the website has dropped from the 30% that is posted in the article, to 25% currently. If you follow the directions posted, you will get a combined discount of 30%. FYI it is a Uplay code, not Steam

Problem regarding Amazon Prime PC physical pre-order

I have sent friend requests to everyone on the PC list. The only people who I haven’t gotten a response from is @Seth_Mccrea, @TacticalTurtle, and @W1thl0v3.

One more week, Agents!

FYI, the 30% discount for digital gold edition (and regular) I posted here: The Division Gold Edition PC - Digital Edition 30% off, is still active. If you haven’t already, preorder the game and be ready. 8 days to activation.


accepted @RedBeerde and someone else i can’t remember! senile hype

if anyone else adds me on uplay best to also add me on steam. i log on steam daily. nick on steam is also resademilo.


To add to this the discount is available up to 2 weeks after release as well since that’s what they consider a new title. Just saying :wink:


is it only for PC?


No its not pc only. You need an amazon prime account and you need to buy a physical version of the game. The discount isn’t applied until you are at checkout. @fanchisimo


@Dadspicable @fanchisimo, the deal that is linked is 30% off a digital copy for PC, its through gamesplanet, a UK distributor. The deal that dadspicable is referencing is the 20% prime discount through amazon that applies only to physical copies.


@RedBeerde OH my bad man. Wasn’t aware of the other one