The Division: Here's How to Get Free DLC!



So I saw this on Twitter and it’s pretty cool that they are doing this.


  1. Go to this website

  2. Login and select which platform you will be using

  3. Enter in the code “AGENTORIGINS” without the double qoutes

  4. Get your code via email and sit on it until March!

Unfortunately can’t use the code until the game is released in March but who cares its free!

Source Link:

Free Division Gear for Xbox One Players

Article also says

Note, however, that you can’t redeem the content until The Division launches in March (via GameZone).

you can put in code now though


yea, i was getting an error so i thought it couldn’t be done until then. I realized my phone wasn’t pasting the “S” though. It works. I got my code emailed to me.


Got mine!


I honestly have no freaking clue were to redeem this code… I dont even see a login link in that page. Maybe one of those days.


@xploz1onthis is the actual link to sign up. Chose your platform and then enter in the code “AGENTORIGINS” without the double quotes. If you are talking about the code you get via email after that, you will have to wait until after the release to use it. The code we get via email I think is redeemed via playsation or xbox.

Edit: I have update the original post with more clear instructions.


Thank you for posting this!


Success. Thanks for the post!


Xbox one players in the US can get a free gear pack of 4 items if you go to the link and log into UPlay and in Intel type in AGENTORIGINS. As far as I know this only works for Xbox One Players.

Good Luck Agents


This has been around awhile…it works for any platform :slight_smile:


Won’t be playing as a paramedic :slight_smile:


AWwww that sucks!