The Division - How Loot Works (Public & Private Drops)



Here’s a good explaination on loot drops and how they will work in the game.


That’s actually a really interesting lot system to encourage players to be somewhat-nicer to each other in the DZ. Sure, there will be tons of Rouge agents, but if getting a higher Rouge Rank causes you to risk more gear, the folks out there actually looking for gear progression will probably be more apt to play defensively rather than offensively. That said, the max-level DZ is going to be brutal as people finish their kits and are just out looking for fights :wink:


Yes please!


This makes going rogue feel to be a lot less rewarding. Considering you never know what someone has on them, you are just setting yourself up for greater loss.

Lvl 30 DZ will be interesting considering the amount of space the DZ covers (6 zones iirc) and 24 players per server. Guess the question is does each zone count as 1 server, if not, i get the feeling we may not see too many people in the dz @ 30


It seemed that during the closed beta that you were able to go into DZ 2 with no server change but that could change on release so as of right now I’ll say that all of the Dark Zone (1-5) will be on 1 server


This means that rogue groups can kill you then wait around for a bit to see if you pick something else up from your corpse so that they can kill you again.


Maybe, but they risk going so Rouge that the entire DZ goes after them for the loot they get from this process, so I think it’s going to work out pretty well, all-in-all.


As Auth mentioned it’s freaking hard being Rogue unless you play smart and if someone is camping your body just for your extra loot is not smart. UNLESS you’re very well geared and have excellent friends/squad


So what server will be on? if we band together we will be unstoppable!! I’m downloading the beta off of steam now.


@GhostRonin there isnt a chosen “server”. each platform has their own server but you dont choose a server when you log in game.


What @Droul said. Currently we’ll use xblive, psn, steam/uplay to coordinate groups. Also if you’re able login to mumble for general chat. Once you group up, you’ll all be in the same server.