The Division info and videos



I plan on making this post all about everything i can find about The Division. For now ill just leave this here.


At first I was all like “NEW VIDEO OF THE DIVISION?!”

Then I was all like :dickbutt:

Also, for those of you that have no idea about this game, @tommy2118 has a really great post on it:


The whole time I was reading that description, I could hear the soft whispsers of masons in my ear…


Ill post some (hopefully) new vid’s throughout the course of my research on the subject. This game is on my top 3 list of titles in 2015 i MUST have :smile:


I moved a post to an existing topic: Tom Clancy’s The Division


I can’t help but wonder why new videos shouldn’t be posted in the other thread.


Decided this was pretty duplicate-y. Plus there’s a lot of info in the other thread that we should be bumping.

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