The Division map size in beta compared to release



Found this on Reddit …it shows how big the beta map was in relation to how big the map will be on launch.


I feel like this might be a little misleading. This only represents the “above ground” areas that were accessible during the beta. Having 22% open during the beta, which was 4 levels of content, seems absurd to me.

I think there’s a lot of underground area to be explored.


I agree @teh_ninjaneer.

I also found this MarcoStyle video on youtube where he compares map size to other games maps


If the map really is anywhere near as big as Fallout 4, I’ll be more than happy. I’ve spent countless hours in Fallout 4 just running around and exploring, trying to find and fight all that I could. Add the same size map on top of multiplayer fun in The Division, and who could complain?


The verticality is always something people forget about :smile: ; there are so many alleys, buildings, rooftops and sewers to discover. I recall stumbling into the subway near the darkzone and I think there was an area that was semi blocked off, but looked to possibly be accessible at launch.

There will be too much to explore!!

(insert nostalgia and longing)


More INFO!!!

Dev interview and game footage!!


When I first looked at the comparison’s my initial thought was, how small that map is. But like some of you have pointed out, when you add in the buildings, underground, etc, the map becomes huge. I can’t even imagine what the DLC will look if they do Lower Manhattan with all the buildings. It’s probably DLC because I bet they are still working on it because of how dense the area is.

@Droul I just watched that video, ugh, this game cant come out soon enough. I already feel like I had some great experiences with just the beta! I haven’t felt this hyped about a game since deadstiny, and I have a feeling this is the game we have all been waiting for. I hope we are not let down.


I think the map size is perfect - heck, the fact it will take 13 minutes to run from one side to the other is good enough for me. And I also completely forgot about the sub & super levels - add in a few buildings (especially with the detail of the MSG mission) and there’s a solid amount of content to start with.

And from there, with different boroughs being released through DLC I think we’ve got a solid amount of square footage to use.