The Division Open Beta Announced



2/18 Xbox One
2/19 PS4 and PC

Open Beta ends 2/21


glad to see the PC cheating issues have been addressed. Hopefully same goes for the dark zone out of bounds.

REALLY hope this is a new build of the game and gives us more visible if you usable access to the skills, talents, perks, base upgrade panes. Need more information about these things.


Well color me surprised; who would have guessed there would be an open beta next week? I, for one, had no idea.


This makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside!

I am very glad that have address the purported cheating and out of bounds glitches. Also very glad to see they have included a new campaign mission to play. I wonder what the bonus unlock is for participating?

Who else is busting at the seams to play some more!?!?!


alpha players got a weapon skin, beta they added a baseball cap, so my assumption is either both/one of these items or something similar.

The factions trailer has my hype at 11!

Annoyingly this is also the same weekend as the Hitman beta, lol.


Woooo! See you there on PS4


I don’t understand the conflict; there is only The One True Beta that weekend :wink:


I wasn’t going to do the beta again, but I’m going to join the PC players on this one.


If you start seeing a man in a suit and red tie, just pretend he isn’t there. I didnt send him…nope, not I…


Hopefully none of you in the Closed Beta deleted it from your console or PC - it’ll be updated via a small patch if you didn’t.


Did I miss a statement from them on this one? Was looking around but didn’t see a thing.


They did make a statement at the end of the Closed Beta that they intended on doing something about it, but that’s all I could find. Nothing about whether the changes will be seen in the Open Beta.


The Division Beta ver 1.01 is currently downloading itself to my PS4. In case any of you want to get a head start and find updates don’t happen in rest mode.


Here are screen captures of the patch notes from my PS4:


3 lines in that make me very happy, cheat detection and the bug fixes.



@Droul Pick my chin up!


#All aboard!


Not sure i 100% agree with rogue 5 timer pausing vs resetting. Coupled with an increase for survival now just makes it easier/more rewarding for camping in one of two spots. Guess we’ll see if those maybe got removed per the ropes note.

@GuardianX the pc cheating should be mentioned in their post. I’ll reconfirm, may be in the forums actually.


Yeah I see it in the notes now, thanks!




anyone know if you have to preorder the game to get into this beta?


How will you get a reward after surviving level 5 rogue if every time you try to defend yourself, you end up killing people and this timer resets. Manhunt = Everyone in map can see you. For me it makes sense and its a better approach.

Looks like its another weekend of fun.