The Division / PC / BETA CODES FOR ALL!



Grab your PC BETA CODE before whatever

I got one just in case!! But it seems they have unlimited codes.

Then go to:
TO Redeem your code


Tom Clancy's The Division

It’s funny, I did this so I could get a PC code and hopefully trade it with someone for a PS4 code…so I made a reddit post and they removed it. even though no where it states that you can’t make a post like that. anyway, I have a pc beta code and if someone wants to swap it for pc for ps4, they won’t have to go sign up.


Why didn’t you just get a PS4 code? That was an option.


Whoops, I didn’t read it well then…doing that now. nm. trades are off


Just tried this and it took my info then said during the transaction it ran out of codes…


that sux, but good looks @xploz1on i was able to get a couple beta codes for some people.


I have 2 codes in case someone needs one.


If someone is willing to part ways with one, i’d love one.


Beta code Sent to @iBoomstiik.

I have 1 more code.


yea man, I’m totally down it you have an extra!


Beta code sent to @Philspaz

I ran out of codes.