The Division (PC) Beta


Pre ordered myself some Tom Clancy: The Division (PC) over the holiday. A little birdie told me that a beta whatsit was happening in January. Any of my master race brothers participating?


I thought the beta was only being made available on Xbox due to some Microsoft deal junk.


I’m waiting as well. Pre-ordered all 3 just to compare. Sounds like strats guild is going to mainly be PS4/PC so I’ll follow along. @Vocino the first test was xbox exclusive and that became an alpha build. Official beta is “early” 2016 for all 3 plats


I will be playing this on PC as well. Just have taken the plunge to pre-order yet.


Paging @Droul


I’ve got it pre ordered for all 3 platforms so I’ll be testing the differences. Gonna be hard to put quality time into 3 games though. I’m going to allot most of my time to the ps4 but will be trying PC as well.

I’m still stuck in motel hell…I go look and apply for yet another apartment tomorrow so please say a prayer to the housing gods that this one will be “the one” I can’t do much forum wise until I get stable Internet and my pc back up and running…I tried making some cool stuff to upload for the clan posting but working on a tablet or phone is impossible.


Shout out if you need any low level help.


I am definitely going to be seeking some help running the clan. Until they announce or show how clans are going to work I’m clueless. They sure as hell are tight lipped with any info at all concerning everything! LOL

If you’re interested gimme a shout and we’ll talk about it. :smile:


Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that they’re coming out with two Tom Clancy games at the same time?


I believe they’re by two different studios and The Division has been delayed like 3 times.


Yup, first announced in 2013 and I believe schedule to release that winter, or next, but saw 3 wonderful delays (yay ubisoft over promising). From what I’m seeing ghost recon will be a more traditional co-op game and not the rpg/mmo type.


@Sennish is normally pretty great at all suggestions (except Dr. Who) and this game looks pretty awesome. Will probably preorder for PC tonight so I can get in line for Beta. :smiley:


Blasphemy. Doctor Who is the Brits only contribution to society.