The Division impressions



This game is going to be my game of the year…hands down. From the small portion of the game we get to play in beta I have been amazed at how insanely fun it is. The mechanics are rock solid, the graphics are incredible and the immersion is detailed and deep. I was having so much pure unadulterated fun that I forgot to start my stream. The AI is at times almost human. They utilize flanking strategy and are not just bullet sponges. The DZ content is hands down the most fun I’ve had in a pvp environment . I will stream tomorrow on the PC and you all can see just how the game performs. I can see myself getting lost in this game for an extraordinary amount of time. If you are on the fence about this game you can take my word and hop on the hype train…it will be money well spent. :slight_smile:


I honestly expected you to assume the fetal position as soon as you walked into the dark zone. :laughing:


I’m with Droul on this one. I only got in a few hours of the Division and I’m hooked. It’s got an eerie feel of exploring abandoned areas with your team mates along with the satisfaction of killing someone in a dark zone. I love it.


Also several men following you around the DZ trying to repopulate the world! :smile:


Excited to try this myself! Thanks for the post :grin:


My only grip so far is, I’m trying to lay into someone who is Rouge (or probably me going Rouge) and all of a sudden I’m getting blind sided by some npc. To me, that is just plain stupid. Technically my enemy is getting help from the AI. It’s partly the reason why I can Titanfall Titanfail, AI shouldn’t be in a multiplayer environment. I know some already disagree with me, but it has happened to me many times already where I should have easily came out on top only to be surprised by some npc. So besides that…this game is soooo amazing and I’ve never seen my whole psn friends list on the same game at the same time before. This is epic


My impressions:


The game looks amazing, I’m playing it on super low settings and even then I am noticing a ton of really beautiful effects, fog in an area, reflections in water, lighting changing due to street signs. The world just seems very well deigned. The few issues I saw were things that you wouldn’t naturally notice unless you were actively looking for them and in an attempt to not open peoples eyes to them, I won’t mention them here.

Overall it should be a solid experience on any platform.


The PvE game-play is fun and engaging! I have noticed a couple times where I was playing and suddenly BAM 1 am! Early game the NPCs are relatively dumb but if you explore the DZ you can see them react more aggressively and tactically. Overall, without knowing more about the game, I feel like it is on a good track for being a nearly stand-alone PvE experience for people who don’t want much or any PvP.


The PvP experience is chaotic beauty.

Solo in the dark zone is a harrowing experience and with a limited play-field for beta there isn’t much room to play tactically. Upon release it should change, your solo experience shouldn’t be easy but it also won’t be impossible.

As a group your options change quite a bit. Hunting players is an option but a dangerous one, you’ll be marked for others to attack and if you gain enough player kills you will eventually be put on a reward system where everyone will hunt you. For beta what this means is abusing the size of the map so that you have an outpost that no one can enter. For release this will mean finding a place that you can defend and eventually escape.


There isn’t a system in place to track people who constantly go on killing sprees and then wait out their timers and then do it all again. Meaning that if you see that solo guy following your group of 4 not paying them any mind, you don’t have any way of knowing that they murdered the last 12 people they followed.

Bugs are bugs and will always exist, how fast will ubisoft be in correcting them is the question. The second issue is hacking on the PC version, currently there isn’t a method in-game of reporting people for hacking. I get the QQ about people reporting skilled players for hacking but there needs to be a way to report people.


Really really solid game, I don’t know if I want to day-1 purchase. Gameplay wise the game is 100% solid on the PvE end and I may just buy it for that alone and wait out the bug and exploit fixes for DZ.

Crossing my fingers that some of you come to the PC platform though! I’ll be so sad head-shotting things for days without you.


While not specific to the PC version, I thought now was a good time to bring this up since @GuardianX mentions PvE mechanics.

In case people haven’t noticed, some of the MOBs have combat mechanics you can “exploit”. For example, when fighting the first faction you encounter (Looters? Rioters?), if you shoot the grenade-thrower before he throws, he will drop the grenade at his feet and injure himself and his buddies. When fighting the Cleaners, you can shoot the canisters on the flamethrowers’ backs and make them explode.

Mechanics such as these really get me interested in games. This is one of the things that really stood out to me about The Division.