The Division PC Players - Do not update your Nvidia drivers just yet!


Found this on reddit:


:warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning:


Well then. :expressionless:


As an Nvidia user that has multiple monitors, this is the reason I disable automatic updating; thanks for the heads up :wink:


So anyone heard more about this? is it safe to go ahead and update?


I believe I saw a tweet that an updated version has been released.


yeah i would steer clear of beta drivers until they release a stable updated version


Good thing I don’t multimonitor lol


Actually, I almost exclusively run the beta drivers because they get iterated on so much more often. I’ve never had any significant issues with nVidia’s beta drivers in the past.


I’d want to update my drivers but it’s like i don’t want my 980 ti to get fucked lol


I wouldn’t worry overmuch; I’ve never heard of nVidia’s beta drivers bricking anything. They might cause unforseen compatibility issues and have to be reverted to a different driver, but since it’s not firmware-esque, I can’t imagine there’s a huge risk, The beta drivers have gone through a fair bit of QA before they post them, so they should be just fine :wink: