The Division Perks, Skills and Talents explained



If you plan on playing the game and are still unsure of how everything works, then please read the links below. It gives great insight on character customization from a strategic standpoint and knowing this going in will give you an idea on what type of build for your character is what you’ll want and how to go about getting it.


Excellent post @xXSeoulCrusherXx!! Thank you :smile:


Holy shit did this info get data mined or something?


A lot of it was visible in the CBT insofar as I know; there’s also been some videos put up about the skills/perks/etc. like this one. It’s possible the site creator just gleaned everything they could from all available sources and has been adding on as more information became available.


Here’s a video explanation of the attributes.


cant recall if I linked this here but:

Amazing talent / perk site, some stuff needs fleshed out but lots of the information is finished!


Omfg this is great. Love the castle crashers avatar btw