The Division: Post Beta, Is It Worth Buying?



It has been a busy Division Beta weekend for a lot of us and I wanted to see how everyone felt about the game after having played it. I personally had a great time, minus some bad luck (I do not think I saw any cheating like on PC) in the DZ. I wish they had included more of the PvE aspects, but reddit seems confident that those aspects will be abundant at the release. (Also sorry to anyone who tried to group with me. I was having some mic issues and definitely hit the wrong button a few times trying to interact with you all!)

That being said, where do you all stand? Did the game meet your expectations, is it the best cover-based rpg you’ve ever played, or will you be cancelling your pre-order?

Also as a heads up. There may be an Open Beta coming up mid February…


Did not play, but watched a lot of streams. Went from 70% not going to buy it at all to 50% buy it after price drop. The DZ looks like a lot of crazy fun, the PVE looks bog standard. I’m still a superheroes and aliens kinda guy, so the aesthetic is a turn off, but that’s just me. Some of my favorite streamers will be showing it, so it may go up in my opinion. From what I’ve seen it’s a B+, with much potential to be an A game.


I played on PC and didn’t experience anyone cheating. What were they doing? Teleports or something?


It was mostly having infinite ammo, ridiculous health, or being invisible from what I read. Something to do with the code for player stats being stored locally and the server not checking it. They assume it won’t be an issue in the real game…but has people scared.

and the official response after all those complaints


It is for sure worth buying…i havent had as much fun in game in a long time so …yeah money well spent
I started the beta on ps4 then tried the PC and am now hooked on the PC version…i will be playing both on release though as there are going to be people who only get the PC game. The ps4 will be the favorite of the community i believe having a bigger player base.


I’ve been convinced since the alpha. Even w/o the dark zone the game has a solid open-world RPG-equse system that I know personally can keep me busy for an easy 6 month+ period. The dark zone proved to be much more enjoyable that I had originally experience or expected it to be and finally having a solid team to game with took this experience to 11!

So yeah, now it is just a matter of deciding on a final platform as I personally want to focus on one character to start out before hoping around platforms.


I saw this alot on PS4. Even @xploz1on was invisible at one point on PS4! I also felt like people were freaking tanky as shit in the DZ. Some just would not go down, even when being team shot. As for buying it, I bought the gold edition off amazon for $84 and I have a feeling its going to well exceed my expectations. Right now anything better than vanilla destiny will have me very pleased. Just think, people were able to dump hours upon hours into this beta, and they only gave us a small slice!


Having a lot of HP is a way of playing. Last night i changed my build. Went full HP and Riot Shield. Always went in from of the enemy to lure agro while my team mates were killing them all. We were like 3 vs 7 at one point. Was fun as hell.

The invisible glitch happens due to the “Out of Beta” And i hope we wont see that in the full game. The Devs have lots of data to fix stuff.


Well I don’t think I have played any other coverbased RPG’s. Personally, I loved it. While it wasn’t the most in depth RPG I have played, it was certainly fun. To me, its not a game I have to spend hours number crunching and worrying about having the perfect stat distribution and prioritization. I can just pick it up, group up with some friends, and play a squad oriented, cover based tactical shooter. Loot drops and is either an upgrade or not. Simple as that. In that aspect it fills a void in my gaming library I never knew was there.

Yes, I will be keeping my preorder. Its a very fun game, both solo and especially in groups. Just enough depth to keep things from being cookie cutter, but not so much that it takes away from the point of the game.


For PS4 you are probably right. My limited understanding is that PC had some user created issues, but who knows!

Regardless, I agree with all of your assessments and look forward to the open beta and release day! :smile:


I saw on twitter there was “rampant” cheating on the PC beta. This makes me not want to game on PC. I heard Battlefront is dead on PC also because of this. Damn people are stupid. Even though I don’t PC game, this will kill multiplayer games on PC.


I will state again that I put many hours into this beta on PC and didn’t encounter any cheaters.


I want to echo this…

The only thing I came across were people using the invisibility bug (platform independent) and running out of bounds after murdering people (again, platform independent).

Never saw anyone using the hacks listed on various sites.

This is all relatively moot though, if they have the means to detect and correct these issues.

Ultimately, people who want to game on PC will game on PC. People who want to spend 30 seconds aiming at things while aim assist is on, will use console = P


The cuts are so deep.

At least the console gamers won’t be playing with themselves. We’ve previously taken a screenshot and witnessed that PC Battlefront has about 1/10 the users compared to PS4. Possibly due to cheaters.

At 7am Central time, PC Helldivers has 1,700 players while PS4 has 8,700. PC version is currently on sale while the PS4 version is free this month starting yesterday. Generally when I check PC Helldivers it’s in the 400s. When I started playing the PS4 version a couple months ago it was in the thousands at that time.

And then there’s Black Ops 3. Currently 9,000 users on Steam. Is there a way to check that number on PS4? Because I bet there’s at least 9,000 kids trying to get in a match before school. :laughing:

And by the way, I think you had the option on The Division PS4 to turn off aim-assist. :dickbutt: But I can’t remember for certain.



That’s such a small sample size. Saying “I myself didn’t encounter this” doesn’t mean others did not. It’s being reported that many others have. I can only assume if this is in the release game it would spread like wild fire.


Here is what was reported:
"Exploits include altering statistics to grant players unlimited health and ammo, super-speed, critical hit chance, no recoil, and unlimited medical kits."

So you might not have actually been able to see someone cheating.

Also, this has me shocked:
"According to posts on Reddit and NeoGAF, the exploits are possible because players’ statistics are stored on The Division’s client side, which users can alter and then push online. The game server allegedly accepts these altered values without checking, something Ubisoft may address for launch."

lol Really? The devs didn’t think this wouldn’t be exploited when stored on the client machine? Either the game isn’t ready for PC, or these devs are very short sighted when it comes to cheaters. Developing this way might be fine for console, but they either need to hide it better, move it to server side, or encrypt it.


I’m not saying it’s not real. I’ve seen the videos of it. I just know how the internet becomes full of the negative reports and devoid of any positive reports so, I speak up and make it known that I didn’t have that kind of experience.


Cheating is fine as long as the game looks good while you’re getting beaten by the cheaters. :hankey:


I am good with the game. I feel good about my pre-order. And the fact that hacking blew up like it did means they will try to solve it b4 release. (hopefully)


So i dont know if these issues really were isolated to PC. I twice on console encountered the invisibility bug, and witnessed the boundary exploitation 1st hand.

I think its fair to say regardless of platform, if there is a way to take advantage of the system, people will take it. Destiny is a prime example of how people will do anything to get ahead.

It isn’t isolated to PC and if things slip through the cracks I’d wager consoles will be first to expose the issues.

Plus don’t forget the darkzone isn’t the end game and the devs have said high end loot can be found in the PvE world, so you don’t even have to enter the darkzone.