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Before you decide to play, definitely watch the following video on how to optimize your leveling abilities.
tl;dr coming soon.

Community Resources from Reddit
We already have a rich variety of community resources that can help you on your journey:
Dev Tracker
DPS-Calculator - explanation
Interactive map of collectibles
Basic Gear Cheat Sheet

Rough loot map - OP
Medical Wing Skills
Tech Wing Skills
Security Wing Skills

This is a series I have started and expanded on as we were approaching launch. The General FAQ contains the collected questions that were often asked as we were approaching the Closed Alpha. The Survival Guide was created to expand on the FAQ and has the goal to give you a base knowledge about the game, how it works and the rough mechanics. As we learn more, these will get updated and expanded.
General FAQ

Survival Guide
Map / zones
Enemies, Combat, Communication
Base of Operations / Important Contacts
Mega-Map / Intel
Dark Zone
Weapons / Weapon Talents
Weapon Mods
Character Progression, Character Attributes
Equipment / Grenades / Consumables


If you are on PC and getting a black screen, press Alt+Enter to change your resolution, per Reddit


For those who still dont have PS4 AGENTORIGINS stuff:


Here is a Build tool that allows you to see what your build will be and all the perks!


Playstation 4 Gold Edition

Just wanted to share the ADD-ON you should have if you bought the Gold edition. Total of 9


So if you’re hurting for ubi points, which will be super useful end game, play Child of Light. I have it on xboxone and it gives you a stupid amount of points just for playing.

ez mode


Graphic optimization thread (max your FPS)


Recalibration station: tweak stats and attributes on gear to better align with your build. This is great for extending the longevity of a piece of gear you dont want to replace.


Here is a video on how to have a chance to more skins per day.