The Division skills and character creation



Just got ahold of this new video from Marcostyle about skills and character creation. Looks great and hopefully we will start seeing more released before the beta for xbone starts in December.


Wait, is this xbox exclusive now? :cry:


Don’t think so. Maybe an early release beta perhaps?


Wish this had come out when the new consoles did…I am not sure if I will be picking it up now. :frowning:


Dude… after watching the original trailer for The Division, I immediately pre-ordered my PS4 believing the title would be on time and out just after launch. Fast forward to where we are today and I still don’t have it and the title has been watered down. There won’t be a wicked companion app that would allow you to support your team, there won’t be the MMO-ish style world, none of that.

But it does still look solid and haven’t cancelled my pre-order. Yet.


Yeah, this was so exciting back at E3 1998 or whenever that was.


I do like the skill tree and cover system they are showing.


There is no stealth skill tree x-x. In most survival games I go stealthy first character / playthrough (If possible) and then 2nd is more “Up in the face”.


Xbone gets beta in December while all others don’t get it until early 2016.


Well that is :poop:


This is not a survival game. It is an RPG/MMO.


“. It’s three weeks after the pandemic struck. We’re in Brooklyn, near
the Manhattan Bridge. And we have one last hope for survival: a highly
classified division created back in 2007 via Presidential Directive 51,
which calls into action a group of self-sufficient tactical agents **who **
emerge from the shadows and, God willing, will lead us all back into the

"As a last resort, the player is part of a classified unit of
self-supported tactical agents, known as the “Strategic Homeland
Division (SHD)”, or “The Division” for short. "


What part of this game isn’t survival? You’re trying to find a way stop society from crumbling and even trying to take out other players, the ones who caused the virus. . .I don’t see how this game couldn’t have had a stealth based class/skills when all things considered “There group is classified”. I know I wouldn’t want to go guns blazing if my priority was to keep the outside world unaware of my group.


You are reading too much into the description. It is classified as a RPG/MMO and always has been. I have been following this game through dev interviews and podcasts and they have never called it a “survival” game. PC Gamer even classified it as a 3rd person shooter MMO RPG. Your don’t have to make your own clothes/weapons/shelters. Think of it as a post epidemic Destiny meets Far Cry 4 meets Dragon Age mix up. Survival games are ARK and H1Z1 etc…this is nothing like that at all


Taken from

What type of game is it?
The Division will mix single-player action with a Massively Multiplayer online component which sees you facing off against a combination of AI and human opponents during the game’s narrative. There are RPG elements thrown into the mix as well, with the player able to level-up their character, acquire loot and develop various skills.


Yeah, this definitely isn’t traditional survival based on any of the gameplay I’ve seen. Sure they say “survive” in the storyline, but how many games say that that aren’t true survival games (spoiler alert: a lot) :wink:


But you’re kinda helping my case.

Yes, it’s an RPG and yes I am reading into the description; Role Play Game. I wanted to role play as a secretive agent, part of a unknown organization that was given full authority to take out anything that had to do with the pandemic. I don’t think it would be to much to ask for stealth skills. Make my footsteps quiet, allow me to pick up heat signatures in a certain radius, little stuff like that would be nice for me.

Also I was saying it was a “survival game” based on the story; not the actual mechanic itself. Walking Dead is a “Survival game” based on choices, sure you’re not using things like “build shelters” but you are “surviving” in a zombie outbreak filled with choices that could end up biting you in the rear later on.