[The Division] Strats clan



I would like to be Added as well if possible ps4.


Uplay- darksl33p3r

PSN- DARK513393R


UPlay- vivavizer

Been soloing enough. Sick of running from Rogue Agents.


Paging @Droul first post needs some updating


There might still be some issues with him being able to edit it. We were trying to work through it the other day on Discord with @Vocino. I’m in class all day today, but if someone can PM me a list of name that need to be added to the respective categories, I can make those adjustment this afternoon :wink:


I’m not sure what the issue is but I’ve wiki’fied the post as a potential bandaid fix for now.


i havnet been able to edit the post for some time now thats why it hasnt been updated…now that it is a Wiki i added all names to the list.


To anyone on PC, both new and old, I am still playing daily. If you need/want a co-op buddy for dark zone or general PvE, ping me. Happy to start new characters to help out. I am typically on discord whenever I play and will make a better effort of being in mumble.


Thank you @epyon415 …i havent been on because i got super burned out in the week after launch and ran out of things to do…will be back after the update in a week to push the limits once again!


I’m down for joining this!

PSN: Kamikaze_Q


I would like to join on the PC uplay is triquetra0
I am new to the game and am just going by what I know from fps and mmorpgs I have played in the past.