[The Division] Strats clan



PS4 (because there is no other) - lyteforce_cdn


I’m interested in joining for Xbox One. :slight_smile:


Count me in JB_Fitz is my PSN


whats your game id?


Apologies, it’s the same as my username: HEXXENW0LF

That’s with the number zero and not the letter o.


The list is growing.



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PSN: Cultex

Can’t wait to see you guys on there!


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Again, please keep the discussion in this thread relevant to the Strats Clan; use an existing thread or make a new one for linking information, posting introductions, carrying on, and the like.


hell yeah I’m in.

PS4 - longrifle7

Potato Introduction

In for PC!

UPlay: ZomgAChicken
Steam ID: Zomg_A_Chicken


Found this place through Reddit. Definitely interested. I’m on Xbox One. Gamertag: ChocoBear02. Looking forward to playing with you all.


PS4 Sealstorm05 - Anxiously waiting for the Beta predownload and considering taking Friday off or at least a half day!


PC steam : asspotato37


I am taking Friday Off hahahaha.

Make sure to Join the Strats PS4 COmmunity for The Division.


PS4 Tripwiren - looking forward to the beta & the group


PSN: EchoDragon107

Excited for the Division beta


PSN: broadreach55

Very excited to play this weekend! Hope to see you all in game.


PSN: v0c1n0