[The Division] Strats clan



PSN: tommy2118


I pre-ordered for uplay. uplay tag: kdmaam


Let’s get it! Add me: bmay119


@bmay119 For Playstation 4 correct?


Sorry! Yes, that’s what I’m on!


PSN: jimbo1246
Can’t wait till Friday


It looks like the majority of this thread are playing on the PS4!

Also I hope you all saw this poll on reddit the other day. I must say I am surprised at the results after all the “see you in the dark zone” comments on reddit as well (though for all I know those may be entirely friendly remarks…)



Of course, I would lie on a poll like that. I don’t want to admit that I might screw my buddy over and take his nice shiny gear just seconds before he thinks he will extract it and have it all for himself.

Free-for-all PvP is where real men are made.


Haha, yeah that typo reminds me of vanilla wow. You should check out the ensuing reddit post discussing the all the rouge agents in the dark zone :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the clan name someone came up with: The Rouge Rogues



Might want to add PSN US The DIvision BETA Download Link :smile:



PSN: Griffinhawk

Can’t wait to play the Division Beta on Friday and the weekend with you guys!


Add me plz



[The Division] Agent Friends Finder Thread (LFG,LFM)

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Hi everyone. PSN id is Onaclov_X stoked to get in and play this weekend!


We have added a new officer since we have grown in numbers…please say hello to @ducksauce88!! he will be in the PS4 ranks so if you need anything when @Droul or @epyon415 arent around he is here to help!!


Great appointment with @ducksauce88!


Thanks guys!

Reporting for duty :joy::joy:


Congrats @ducksauce88



OMG thats awesome @xploz1on! I’ve been out ducked