[The Division] Strats clan



PSN: Manggler Happy to join you guys.


hmu on steam

MOD EDIT: Please post a proper intro. Post was caught in spam.


Uplay ID: Xx_Miikee
Steam: Boomstiik (profile picture of the gundam)


PSN: DJspectre


PSN: dynost


PSN- WizzleMizzle (friend of Ducksauce)




I’m in!

XBL: veritas13
PSN: veritas732




Got it today on PC.

Steam: Red

uPlay: RedBeerde


I’ve been away for awhile during RL Problems (sorry that i didnt post anything in that time) however i will make a Comeback when this game Releases!

XBL GT: One Man System


Beta reg is down right now… hopefully I will be in later.

PC: Xaelyn

edit: twenty. six. gigs.


Im in too ps4 cody125


Welcome! Too bad we missed you for the beta :frowning:. What other games do you play? Go to the strats section to make an introduction!


I pre-ordered the Gold Edition for XBOX One! Would love to join the clan :slight_smile:

Gamertag: Can I do this


@Droul PSN : Ch3cikm8 (pronounced checkmate) id like to join.


PSN: sinderionn


Xbox one

Eastside Introduction

I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ll be picking it up, trying to get my girl into it too!

Steam: Vilegrin1


Eastside_75 PC (The few… the Proud… The Keyboard Warriors)